- Please, here are your tools. All of them are sharpened.

- Thank you ... And there can be not sharpened tools?

Previously we used to hear this question from all new customers. Moreover, once we asked this question ourselves. And it was that question which became the reason of AMI appearance.

The matter here is that even the best world manufacturers produce manicure tools with so-called “working” sharpening, and in fact - simply not sharpened. That’s why all over the world the tools should be sharpened before use.

Just imagine our surprise when we found out that in Ukraine there is no practice of such tools sharpening, and all the Ukrainian users use blunt scissors and tweezers!

Having tested the sharpened tools for the first time, we felt as if we were driving a Mercedes after many years of driving a decrepit Zhiguli car.


 If you see a chance to change the world for the better - you need to use this chance! With that in mind, we decided to create AMI and open a new level of manicure and pedicure for the whole country. Having studied more “advanced” markets and drawing on the assistance of specialists, we developed our own method of ultra-precise diamond sharpening of tools - PDS tech (Precise Diamond Sharpening). Since then, we have handed over more than 250,000 perfectly sharpened tools into the hands of our customers.

 “And there can be not sharpened tools?”. Fortunately, we are less and less likely to hear this question from new customers. Many people already know what a high-quality manicure should be, and will never agree to return to unsharpened tools. During the years of our work, the market has changed. After the successful launch of AMI, there appeared other companies and services for the sharpening of tools. But we are not afraid of competition - on the contrary, we are proud that we have set new quality standards for the whole country.

 Thank you for your trust. Let's continue to make our world better!